10 Days in Morgan Hill

October 6th, 2010 by


Around the World in 35 days . . . unlucky Willy Fog. Stage 2 saw me travel from Alabama to California for 10 days in Morgan Hill, home of Specialized.


4am start in Tuscaloosa – Birmingham – Houston – San Jose – Morgan Hill. On the twitter “Houston Texas , people watching , quite a few cowboys …. how can Something so wrong be so Cool ? When I grow up I want to be a cowboy”


To the Gym with Bobby B, a jog and a 5km swim – actually 5500 yards. Whats the point in a yard pool !? So many turns. 

My first time into Specialized HQ ! Ill admit it was exciting but I tried to act professional - Cancellara is just a man (hero)



Took another tour around the office, saw some old school and then some ‘secret sh1t !’


We had a meeting with the Specialized engineers and had a bit of brainstorming. Some nodding, notes, smiles – that’s all I am allowed to say – secret, ‘how do you like those apples’, men in black, you’d be wasting your time if you weren’t using that . .  sort of stuff . . .


40 degrees out on the road and my first lunch time ride. Highlight of my day was the blue flashing lights in Lisa Nordens rear view . . “I’m a Swedish Athete” got her off



Photo by Rich Cruise

Photo by Rich Cruise




Attempted a Track session in the morning but left a bit disappointed – the temperatures took it out of me yesterday I think. A realisation that I needed to be more careful of my recovery between races, after travel and in the heat. Wanted to try Taco Bell but was told “it’s not like it is in Demolition Man the movie” – another disappointment !


The team left for the LA triathlon and I rode the lunch ride again -  the Friday edition being the “World Champs”. ILOVEACHAINGANG !


 Just over 46mins of action on ‘the Bailey Loop’. I learnt today that the Huatulco World Cup bike course had changed from it’s original ‘hill rep format’ due to construction works – I too changed and rode the chain gang.


My rear tub blew on a descent – one way to ruin your Saturday morning easy spin. I then decided to complete the rest of my training in Santa Cruz . I met a guy at the pool who had gone to Budapest as an Age Group athlete on the USA team. He told me about how difficult he found it and that he ended up just battling through . . .  I thought to myself “I bet you didnt battle as hard as Irishman Jim Corbett” – more on his exploits with a broken shoulder in another blog.

On the twitter “Santa Cruz . .  my new favourite city”


I hate ‘out and backs’ in training. I spent about an hour planning a route up Mount Madonna – on paper it looked epic. In reality the road turned to dirt at the top of the hill. I was a little bit gutted ! Out on the trail I came upon Bambi and a few of her friends . .  that made me a little nervy of the long grass as I thought  – where there are deer there there may be Mountain Lions  – the receptionist said

 ”there are no Lions around here”

“are you willing to guarantee me that ? ”



More swimming, more cycling, more running and some time with the SBCU boys getting dialled in with some BG Fit


Washers, footbeds, a bit up, a bit back. “How many free watts will this give me ?” was my repetitive question.

It’s all about putting you in a position to use the muscles your supposed to and to relieve the muscles your not supposed to be using . . . something like that. Why should I tell you any more ! ? What I will say is that if your not using a Specialized cycling shoe you might not be running as fast as you could do off the bike . . 


Another group ride and once again I thought I found a loop – this time running. It got dark. I got lost. I met a dude in a field who asked me did I have any smokes. I didn’t.


A new adventure begins. A planned massage. An afternoon in San Fransisco and a flight to Mexico. I am told to sample some chowder soup on Pier 39 . .  we will see