12 Days

September 1st, 2010 by

I'll try anything once !
I’ll try anything once !

At the end of the 9th week I went to see a man about a knife and a microscope. He was to call me back about an appointment to take it further. I went to the park and ran to make sure my knee was sore the next time I saw him. I ran and ran. I did lunges. I hopped. I jumped off a park bench. I shouted “Ill tell her” as I sprinted past a couple ‘making out’ in the trees. It was difficult to reproduce the pain. The Surgeon did not call back that day. The next day I rode. The next day I ran and rode. The surgeon still didn’t call. I no longer wanted him to. The next day I took a flight to Switzerland.

On the frst day I struggled on a climb. My heart rate was high, I was breathless at 2500m, I was hauling 80kg up the mountain.

On the second day I went to the pool with the team. I had taped my elbow. I waited for it to prevent me from going further. I completed my first 5km session in a very long time. I demolished a box of cereal.


On the third day I rode alone. ‘The Loop’. At 38km into the 40km climb I almost hit the wall. I made it to the top. I took a photo, chickened out at 75kmph and spun down the hill home.

On the 4th day I ran on my favourite trail in the world. ‘The Roseg’. I got lost. Johnny Cash played in my ear. I got rhythm. I left the apartment tired and heavy legged. I returned 80mins later with a spring in my step.

On the 5th day Bryan Keanes chocolate birthday cake was still in my stomach and fuelled the early miles on the rode to the Stelvio. 4hours of ‘epicness’.


On the 6th day I pushed off the wall during a final 300m swim rep gasping for air. I ran in one direction later on. UP.

On the 7th day I was on the track. St Moritz, ‘track town europe’. I got blisters for the first time in a long time. Solinksy prowled around the circumference, Aileen stalked me on the straights.

On the 8th day I was back on the mountain. This time though 4kgs lighter than before.  That made it slightly easier. Conor Murphy there though made it tough.


On the 9th day I was tired. There seemed to be a constant headwind. I remembered what the wise man said “training is like getting a suntan. Too much too soon and you get burnt. Not enough sun and you don’t get a tan. Just the right amount of sun and you can stay out longer the next day. If you are out of the sun for a few days, your tan fades. It’s a building process”

On the 10th day I got in a quick 40x100m in the pool and headed back to Zurich. I flew from Zurich to Copenhagen. In Denmark they had over booked the connecting flight to Dublin by 60 . . . A taxi driver drove me to a hotel at 170kph whilst on the phone.

The 11th day was a daze. Another taxi driver drove me from the Airport and we chatted Gaelic football. I got my Specialized S-works Transition out of the box and sat on it for the first time. I rode it into the city and got 2 inches off the seat post. I do not think that was enough.

On the 12th day I woke at 5am. Went to the cupboard searching for Nespresso. I was disappointed. I put my kit in the tumble dryer for 10mins and put it on warm. I took 2 pedal strokes and punctured ! I changed the puncture with my new Champion System kit still warm. I rode to phoenix park.

Only Empties

Only Empties

 Getting out of the swim I banged my knee on the pontoon ! I hobbled into transition. I got on my S-works for the 3rd time and quickly forgot about it.

About 5 hours later I rode home to clean my brothers house before he returned after enjoying my morning in the park. I got delayed by a certain bread and butter pudding that I found.


Always listen to the wise man.