Gavin, Aged 6 ….. his appearance has changed but whether he has grown up is debatable

1 of 5 Noble children and the only one not to be given a middle name (!?) ….. they just called me Gavin – although if I was a Gaelic warrior or indeed an Indian that would mean White Hawk.

186cm tall, if my legs were any shorter they wouldnt touch the ground.

Depeding on the time of day, time of year and the night before, I weigh between 74-78kg.

Born in Enniskillen on the 9th of April 1981 with a ‘caul’ around my head – legend has it that a baby born with a caul is a sign of good luck;  I would be able to see the future; I would be marked by an Angel; I couldnt die from drowning or  in some European Countries its a sign I could become a Vampire …… Im therefore lucky, driven, fortunate , can swim ok and you dont want to see how sharp my teeth can be !

Educated in St Michaels Primary, Portora, University of Stirling, in the pool and out on the roads – I graduated from Stirling with a honors degree in Marketing …. something to do with cash cows and brands if I remember correctly ?

Other info:

I took up triathlon when the PE teacher needed a swimmer for a Schools triathlon relay team – multiple Irish Championships later, 2 Commonwealth Games, European Cup and World Cup campaigns, I travel the World racing and representing Ireland - I am a professional Triathlete and 2012 Olympian.

I like sitting in coffee shops, every sort of music, I lack patience and I hate waiting around – in general Im not a morning person but dont let any of this put you off !

In general when I read other peoples biography pages I skim through it once and never again ….. if you would like more information about me, my racing history, where to find the best nougat, hear my John Wayne joke or would like to find out my current martial status, choose one of the communication lines from the contact page and get in touch ..