I brought the Sun back to the Shire

May 26th, 2010 by


From sunny South Africa - sunny Spain -  sunny Milton Keynes – to the sunny Shire. I arrived back in Scotland on friday after 7 months away

As I keep telling everyone I am still to see rain in 2010 – that is a pretty good record. I drove up from England with fellow Irish Triathlete Bryan Keane who was spending time in Loughborough before the weekends ETU Cup race in Glasgow – there was a hint of rain as we hit Jedburgh but it didn’t last for more than 5mins and the sun was still out so technically it didn’t count.


They don't make them like they used to !

They don't make them like they used to !


I raced the Strathclyde course last year and really struggled with the water temperatures – last week I was informed it was still only 11 degrees so I decided against it – there were reports of the race being turned into a duathlon, a sprint etc etc but come race day the water temperature had risen to a reported 17 degrees ! I know some athletes who flew to Slovenia on the premise that Glasgow might not have went ahead . . .  like me they are maybe regretting not being on the start line.

My boy David Mc Namee jumped on the podium just ahead of Bryan and just behind fellow Scot Ritchie ‘fae Montrose’ Nicholls. We celebrated back in Stirling that night. Good times.

Next day I was able to show Keano around the Shire. We rode one of my favourite loops on Monday morning around Glen Devon and Gleneagles . . . and to Maccers’ disgust stopped in Bridge of Allan without him for a cheeky coffee and a rocky road.


Between Spain and Stirling I spent some time just outside Milton Keynes with Mr and Mrs Don. My first time experiencing the English countryside and village life . My experience of England up until then had just been flying in and out of London, racing in the cities and driving on the motorways (once to Alton Towers …. I’d go back tomorrow if you were up for it ?). But my short time in Onley has changed my perspective – I loved it there.

Whilst in England I raced the Manchester 10km along with Dondo .


I felt good in the race . . . for 3k anyway ! We had a head wind on the way out and I nestled behind the lead group, passing 3k in 8.45. However 1m then became 2m, 3 , 4 and then I felt the wind ! Passing 5k just over 15mins before the wheels came off. Eventually finishing just inside 31.30 – not a great run and not what I planned for. Maybe the 2 weeks, 2 races and volume in Spain had taken that bit too much out of me. But then again I am not a runner and although if I were to do it again Id like to go in as fresh as possible my main focus is still on the start of my triathlon season.

Back in Stirling and my winter training is now over. I am keeping in some volume but I am attempting to be fresh enough to get the most from the hard sessions of the week.

For the last 7 months I have been fighting the Gorilla.

When you fight the Gorilla you don’t stop when you are tired, you stop when the Gorilla is tired . . . .

and finally after the 7months the Gorilla has faded . . . .time for me to get on top of  things



(photos courtesy of Bryan keane photography www.bryankeane.com)