The Sally Gap Versus The Stelvio

August 30th, 2010 by


It took me 3 attempts to find the ‘Sally Gap’- I left without asking anyone or looking at a map each time – the first time I ended up in Malahide …. don’t ask !

I planned a trip to the ‘Stelvio’ on the plane to Zurich. I checked and double checked the map before we left as it wouldn’t have been cricket to bring the Irish Team on a 3 day wild goose chase.


Sally Gap: It was a beautiful ride, maybe not epic but it was a LOOP


It was Epic, we did have the best pizza in all the land at the top, we did ride from Switzerland into Italy, I will always remember it . . . .  

BUT IT WAS NOT A LOOP and I probably did need the support car.

Sally Gap wins !